Monday, July 9, 2012

Minty Zara!!!

We all know Zara as the one place where it basically serves as a staple store. Zara has everything you need! I like to call it heaven... yeah that's what it is. Anyway, while I was in San Francisco I went to the Zara there. It was heaven, as I said before. I saw some really cute stuff... so I shall now post the mint blouse!

This sheer mint green blouse is great for the summer because it can serve as a cover-up for either the beach or the pool. It's also great for layering. Put a thick knit jumper under and it's nice and warm for winter.

Price: Sale-$39.99 (Normal Price-$59.90)
Store: Zara
Colour: Mint Green

This top could honestly go with anything!! Just make sure you don't pair it with yellow!!


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