Sunday, July 8, 2012


Before today I have never even heard of DeMasque. But the clothing is so cute it was hard to resist going in! DeMasque is a California based clothing store which only sells women's clothing. Their clothing is made to 15 to 40 year old women. Demasque has a similar style as Cotton On. I went online to see if they had a website, but unfortunately it is under construction. Here is their facebook page though:
I did some stalking on the page and found out that the actual website should be up soon and they will post on their facebook page when it is officially up! Back to the point.. My friend tried on these gorgeous aqua blue skinny jeans:

Price:  $34.95
Store: DeMasque
Colour: Aqua Blue
Link: check out their facebook page (link above)

As with any other brightly colored jeans, the best way to enhance a colored jean is to wear neutrals. But if you are a risk taker like many people in the fashion industry you could always color block! Color blocking is another thing that is in this year. If you do choose to color block make sure you use a color from the opposite side of the color wheel or else the outfit will look a bit wonky.

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